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I remember our local morning DJs doing a spot about public sex. Guy gets the key, enters the room. And kudos to the Public Sex Troll. Lots of under the action since not many people go to the mall now. Last time I heard, the Internet was public. Maybe someone who lives in one of those ritzy apartments overlooking the park has a telefoto lens? I agree that the punishment is over the top and wrong, but the central arguments on this thread are focusing on the public sex itself, a perception that heterosexuals do it at least as much and are rarely punished for it, and whether or not this is behavior practiced primarily by closeted or openly gay men.

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I'm glad you pointed that out.

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2 men arrested 4 sex on a nature trail.\\nMedia releases their photos and personal details.\\n

Some of our members are still in the closet; some have been out since pre-Stonewall. For some of these guys, public sex is the only way they can get laid". It wouldn't be just. In most states, turnpike service areas feature gasoline stations, restaurants and other related services. Add this spot to your website by copying the code below.

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Old school self loathing queens cling to these arcane and destructive behaviors. I'll bet they met up and went to a place in the park that was totally out of sight in order to have sex. Or closet-cases, many married with children? They are so much farther advanced on this than we are it isn't even funny. I care deeply about homophobia and prejudice and I have been actively opposing, publically often, for about 35 years, starting when I was in college. The difference between targeting gays and straights is that gay men have established hook-up zones that are frequented by individuals on the prowl for strangers whereas heterosexuals are usually couples acting on their own initiative in random opportune locations which makes it more difficult for the police to target them. There probably have been NO complaints.

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