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Participants indicated the strength of their religious conviction by responding to the following item on a scale ranging from 1 not at all religious to 7 extremely religious: And the only way to resolve them will be to revise the law so it squares with, and does justice to, reality. A year on, we're still wounded from a brutal campaign Male, religious, not wealthy: Now, they don't, because we know better. Top Stories Government gears up for election fight on border protection after losing vote Analysis:

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Therefore, we anticipated that resistance to change might be more important than opposition to equality in accounting for the positive association between religiosity and opposition to same-sex marriage.

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Same-sex marriage postal survey: the five worst arguments for voting No

This is a fundamental element in the relationship between a man and woman that is not available to same-sex relationships. As we have already argued, a heterosexual union is of the kind which is normally open to the advent of children through the procreative act, in order to form a family. Sincethe Gallup organization has tracked opinions about whether marriages between same-sex couples should be recognized by the law. An appeal to tradition: This feels a bit like tone policing, fittingly for a Tony who used to live in a police college. Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow.

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These protections were intended to make it clear that the bill does not require anyone to perform or solemnize marriages against their will. In Study 4a, we investigated the effects of religiosity, resistance to change, opposition to equality, and sexual prejudice on opposition to same-sex marriage. This does not entail that some form of recognition of gay unions ought not be possible, but to call such unions marriage is a category mistake - they are, as explained, of different species because they differ in their fundamental structure. Social Science Quarterly91 Sexual prejudice Sexual prejudice was measured using a modified version of the eight-item scale administered in Study 1 ATGM; Herek, The psychology of sexual prejudice. Supplementary material is available online with this article.

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