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Instead you have taught intolerance… May God have mercy on your souls. It needs to be scary. The response to cat-calls, unwanted leering, and so forth reflects the universal desire not to be made into an object. Others, however, may never be free of same-gender attraction in this life. Men, on the other hand, are often noted for being shamelessly overt and persistent in their attempts to gain the sexual interest of a potential mate. Thanks for putting all this together. I see many of the examples cited as evolving as being one side of a multi-faceted die.

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However, as many others have warned in the past; your going the wrong way.

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One of the things I learned about my faith is that in matters of the world, most of us are terribly naive and ignorant. MikeInWeHo, I would like to talk to you about a statement that you made in private. Good question, Lucy. I have never seen a gay person do anything sexually inappropriate toward another man, they have the good sense not to.

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It must be labeled as major transgression.

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