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Violence is also perpetrated or ordered by religious authorities and members of religious groups Violators are usually husbands, immediate or extended family members. Activists report that perpetrators of violence against LBT people are mostly family members. Monday, 17 June Europe and Central Asia. In Taiwandespite general awareness that women are the primary targets of violence rooted in a patriarchal culture, there is also confusion and lack of awareness about how to categorize violence directed at people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Types of punishment include home confinement, family expulsion, denial of economic and material resources, forced psychiatric treatment, and forced termination of education.

international gay lesbian human rights commission
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International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association The International Lesbian and Gay Association is a world-wide network of national and local groups dedicated to achieving equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered LGBT people everywhere.

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According to Indonesian LBT activists, perpetrators are usually parents or members of religious groups. According to Sahayatrika, an LBT group based in the South Indian state of Kerala, the impact of violence is different because there is no social recognition of lesbian identities and relationships or changed gender, and in much of India same sex is criminalized. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against LGBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all. Activists who defend the rights of LBT people experience threats to their safety, in some cases, harassment, attacks, even torture and abuse, with police participating in or doing nothing to stop these violations.

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Our staff includes the regional coordinator from Malaysia who is based in the United States and a project coordinator based in the Philippines.

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